I wish you were here.

Apr 17 2014


You don’t know how much someone is worth to you

until you sell them

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Apr 16 2014

How do boys behave with their best friends?


It’s okay to be like:

In a concert:

When left in a room with surveillance camera:

And each of you cry like this:

But cry together like:

When waiting nervously about something important:

And together:

When you’re down, they’ll:

And it’s okay to be crazy for your friendship:

Cause when you’re ultimately happy:

And even:

This is how boys love each other:

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Apr 15 2014

You want the sad truth?

Even if I forget you,

I’ll always miss you.

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when your waiter comes out with food but it’s for another table




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Apr 14 2014

My mom’s cat hates me?

I dont even know why! Huhuhu someone help me pls!

Apr 12 2014



i’ve never skydived before but i’ve zoomed in on google maps really fast once

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id like to see an english teacher write a successful text post

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